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Luke Walker
Bristol, United Kingdom

Luke Walker is a self taught, award winning horror screenwriter from Bristol, England, and a stay at home Dad with two young Padawans.

Best known for short films 'Paralysis' (2015), and 'Mothers' (2020).
Feature screenplay 'The Guest House', Winner of Short Stop International Film Festival (2020).
Short screenplay 'Rose', Winner of 'Lets Make It! Screenwriting Contest (2016) / Antic Horror – International Short Screenplay Contest (2018) / 13 Film and Screenplay Contest (2018).

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Scripts By Luke

While rushing to the hospital, Ben and his pregnant wife, Anna, accidentally injure a mysterious woman with their car. When they try to help her, the night takes a very bizarre turn for the worst.
Short Horror For sale 7pp
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The Guest House
After surviving a near fatal car accident, a university art student is reluctantly whisked away to a remote and desolate guest house by her overprotective father, who's harboring a terrible secret she must never discover.
Feature Horror For sale 120pp
Out Of Order
A night at the local multiplex turns into a nightmare for a middle-aged man with a dark past who learns that being sorry doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be forgiven.
Short Horror For sale 7pp