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Lynanda Gonzales
Deltona, United States


I am not a writer. I have had a very extraordinary life so I have a great story that I want to pitch. It is a true story including many current world issues. It's a true story about a woman who grew up with a mother with munch hausen by proxy and experienced horrific abuse. Later in life, she learns that she developed Multiple Personality Disorder.  

This story is about how she integrates her aspects in a world full of predators with only the love and guidance from a death row inmate. It takes place in Cassadga Florida where she learns how to heal her mind and body to regain her health after being diagnosed with final stage Liver Disease. 

This story begins in 2007 at a time when there wasn't very much information available about MPD/DID or even how to treat it. Our character is fortunate enough to enter a pilot program for PTSD and was deprogrammed from her abuser values. Ostracized by her family, she is alone and without anyone to trust so she becomes prey to some of the predators she encounters.

I have 4 projects. 

1. Lynanda: Journey thru Integration. - A screenplay about my character's plight within the world she inhabits:  Where there are manipulators, predators, and false prophets: Who she falls prey to and has to find her own way out before she gets ensnarled in their traps forever.

2. Cassadaga: Journey thru Enlightenment. - A reality TV show with concepts and critical elements like how to heal depression or cancer with access to a unique world and lifestyle like Cassadaga Spiritual Camp. We explore what it is like to be a physic, healer or medium and we follow the lives of those who enter the camp. 

3. Life Crisis: Journey thru Healing - A Docu-Series which highlights actual people who have experienced life crisis like; a death sentence, cancer, personality disorders, torturous childhoods, children who have grown up with parents who were killers, sex offender’s registry etc. These people all found unique ways in which to overcome what they experienced, and these ways need to be shown to give others hope.

4. The Brothers: Journey thru Redemption - A Docu-Series highlights each of the inmates who assisted Lynanda with her integration. Each inmate has a unique story and a current law changing issue that they are dealing with.

Please don't judge me on my writing. I only ask that you to look at the projects that I have and the awareness that they will expose. I have the right combination of compelling factors that together, deliver one heck of a story and these series discuss current life issues which will draw people in. You can't make this stuff up. These stories give the viewers insight into other people's lives and crisis.

I want to stack my projects and capitalize on the subjects, so I can sell the other projects at a higher rate to help all of us characters to get a little more out of survival mode. I have a hit show and am irreplaceable to the other series. 

My material contains content that is desperately being sought and it's an outstanding new idea. I need help to find a producer who sees my vision and is passionate about my work. I need someone who is willing to see it through to the next level. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and for all that you do for the people out here. 

Namaste~ Lynanda


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