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Marion McDowell
Belfast, United Kingdom

Marion McDowell is a freelance scriptwriter from Juneau, Alaska, where the rugged weather gave her a deep desire to not be out in it, and where better to enjoy the warm and dry than the local cinema? After a foreign exchange to Northern Ireland in the 90s turned more permanent, she developed as an actor and writer within the local film and television industry.

Recent works include DARK & STORMY, a comedy horror about a woman who literally refuses to play the victim, and CONVERTS, a light-hearted Game of Thrones meets The Antiques Roadshow story about Vikings in church. Marion stopped answering questions about her age when she hit 35 and lives in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

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Costume Drama
After crossing the wrong person in the pub on Halloween night, three friends experience 24 hours of instant karma when their costume choices are turned against them.
Short Comedy For sale 15pp
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