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Hi, I'm Marjolein (Mar-yo-line) also known as Mack.

I am a screenwriter and blogger for Stage32. Just writing that makes my eight-year-old self go WOOHOO and than look around all calmly to see if no one has seen her. I have loved to act, playback, write raps and poems since I was a kid but during the time at my "Hogwarts", The Amsterdam Theatre Academy, I found out that I wanted to earn a living doing what I loved.

Next to living my best life writing, I am currently teaching my new buddy Dobby (a rescue street cat from Cyprus) that the six-foot 1 giant is a friend and that it is now his job to stop me from getting square eyes by whining for snacks and walking over my keyboard.

When Dobby lets me write I make sure to add humor, cockiness and an "underdog winning" to my scripts because those are things I love to watch in movies. Another thing I can't help doing is giving my protagonists their "happily ever after" before the fade out.

Quirk: I tend to have favorite words in every language I learn. My favorite American word at the moment is wackadoodle, one I learned from Zack Ward
Unique traits: Talks to plants

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Scripts By Marjolein

The Dutch Lion
When a pacifist drug lord heir, sentenced to life for his brother's crime, learns bro is after dad’s life next, he gears up for escape and vindication.
Feature Comedy, Crime, Drama For sale 120pp
1 reader loves this script
When a mistrusting secretly gay senior citizen alerts the help radar of an animal rescuer and volunteer at the home, he must choose, be brave or die in the closet.
Feature Biography, Comedy, Drama For sale 147pp
1 reader loves this script
When a Roma psychic troubleshooter set out, with her ghostly sidekick, to find a flatlining company's problem, learns that money is stolen to fund finding old Nazi loot, things get personal.
Feature Crime, Drama, Mystery For sale 161pp
1 reader loves this script