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Mark Bowes
Denver, United States

As a teen, Mark spent Summers making his own Super-8, stop-motion animation, which resulted in him catching the filmmaking bug. Exposure to 70’s disaster films cemented his desire to pursue film as a career.

Mark's interest in the periphery drew him to being a punk, then performance and a stint in a heavy-metal drag band in San Francisco. 

Studying filmmaking at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago followed soon after and his first film, Get Happy or The Night Judy Garland Started A Riot, screened in numerous film festivals around the world, from Montreal to New York, Glasgow and Tokyo. 

Since college, Mark lived abroad teaching English in Japan, started a company creating promotional videos for small businesses, and for the last 11 years Mark has studied screenwriting, where his work has earned him accolades from Cinestory TV Retreat, Stowe Story Labs, Screencraft Screenwriting Fellowship, Stage 32 Diversity Springboard, Series Fest Storytellers Initiative, WeScreenplay's Diverse Voices and Roadmap's Wise Words screenwriting contests. Recent finalist in the 2021 Austin Film Festival Virtual Pitch Competition.

Mark is constantly finding new stories to tell, be they based on personal experience, inspired by books he's read or emerging from the overlooked elements of our culture. His work focuses on the underdog, the misunderstood, the maligned, heroes who don’t back down, who refuse to allow others to take away their identity, passion or pride.

As a member of the LGBTQI+ community, Mark is encouraged by the emerging visibility of the queer community in today’s TV programming.

"Growing up in the 70’s meant searching in vain for those who looked like, acted like or resembled you. I can only hope that by pushing itself to include and celebrate all spectrums of human experience, our world will become a better and more welcoming place." -  Mark

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Scripts By Mark

Blame It On The Bossa Nova (Lower East Side Story)
After undergoing electroshock therapy, a closeted playwright tries to rebuild his life, only to be undermined by his conniving sister, who plots to cut him from their inheritance and send him back to the sanitarium.
Feature Drama For sale 97pp
1 reader loves this script
Fruit Fly
Uncomfortable in their skin, a trans-masculine, fashion school drop-out, rages against the world, until they’re forced to live with their conservative father and set on a path of self-discovery, determined to prove their haters wrong.
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama For sale 60pp
Fairy Tale High
As the 70's disco era comes to a climax, a sexually-confused teen befriends a gender-ambiguous, punk, exchange student who encourages him, against his family's strict Fundamentalist beliefs, to shed all inhibitions and be himself.
Feature Comedy, Drama, Fantasy For sale 104pp
Life During Wartime - Pilot
When his life implodes, a recovering alcoholic, HIV+ actor flees to his mother’s trailer park, inhabited by geriatric Hollywood has-beens, where he finds himself battling 80’s AIDS hysteria, jeopardizing his sobriety and very existence.
TV Pilot Drama, Fantasy, History For sale 49pp