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Mark Bram

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Mark Bram
Taipei, Taiwan

Born in Canada in 1970, I spent my childhood reading Famous Monsters magazine and watching Creature Feature on Saturday afternoons. I started writing as a teenager -- short stories, scripts etc. When I got my first VHS camera I was inspired to create my own short films and music videos. As an adult I travelled widely and after years on and off the road, found myself living in Taiwan. I eventually formed Mind Field Films with a few South African expats and started writing and filming short movies, music videos and commercials. My greatest interest was always writing and in more recent years have focused on full length feature film scripts. I have always tried to write scripts that capture people's imagination, keep them guessing and ultimately surprise them. I have entered several script competitions, but have always yearned for a place to feature my work that is both free and more personal than the industry standard. With luck, I will find a home for my work through Script Revolution.

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Scripts By Mark

A struggling artist who suffers from an extreme sleep disorder and vivid hallucinations must fend off terrifying monsters in order to find his missing wife and regain his foothold in the art world.
Feature Fantasy, Horror For sale 113pp
1 reader loves this script
Paranormal Man
A slacker student of witchcraft, his three reckless housemates and a paranormal sorcerer team up to battle a malicious demon and save their party house from its diabolical influence.
Feature Comedy, Horror For sale 114pp
The Scent
When two lovesick students take a shortcut home, they encounter a vicious pack of dogs and an angry old man with his own secret animal desires.
Short Horror For sale 21pp