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Mark D. Clark

I have a passion for screenwriting and storytelling. I like to write stories about real-life situations with a twist of suspense and horror. It usually takes me about four to six months to finish a script. I spend a lot of time reading and researching the topic that I’m going to write about. I like using “The Screenwriter’s Bible” and “Save the Cat” as tools of the trade. When writing scripts, I pin down the title and logline before developing the core story. I like using the magnificent seven plot points for story structure. I use two large dry erase boards to record the plot points and other salient ideas as I’m building the story.

My script, IT HAPPENED ALONG THE ROAD, a feature thriller, was selected as a FINALIST for the Page Turner, 2022 Screenplay Awards. My script, MALUM, a horror feature, was the #3 most requested script on the VPF hotlist. And recently, I wrote a horror short story called HELP ME, PLEASE! It was selected as a QUARTER-FINALIST for the Filmmatic Short Screenplay Awards (Season 7).

My favorite genres are horror, thriller and war stories. It's good to meet you.

Mark D. Clark