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Mark Kitchen
Belfast, United Kingdom

My journey as a scriptwriter mirrors the plot structure of a good thriller script, which is apt as Thrillers are my go to genre.

My inciting incident was an unexpected job loss that lead to my first ever competition submission, in the 2009 British Feature Screenplay competition. I was seeking validation, but got so much more when my script got to the Quarter Final, the final 50 from over 6000.

My journey had begun. After a delve into the usual suspects of screenwriting books I decided to heighten the stakes of my story and invest financially in taking my writing from a hobby towards a professional career. After two rather intense screenwriting courses and a few thousand dollars my writing had improved significantly, as had my awareness that my goals was not as simple as I’d first thought.

Like all writers I started to doubt whether I had what it takes to be a professional writer. I’d had validation of sorts with consistent Considers on script coverage, but I seemed to be lacking that thing that takes a script from good to great.

Rather than quitting, I sought help from Dominic Morgan, aka Scriptfella, whose experience and insight was exactly what I needed to up my game. I’m confident now that I am capable of writing professional, quality scripts, I just needed to find somewhere to promote my scripts and my writing, and I feel that Script Revolution is that place.

Scripts By Mark

False Flag
A troubled journalist is catapulted into a government conspiracy when she learns her mundane traffic accident story is directly linked to the bombing of a US Embassy, coordinated by the US Intelligence community.
Feature Mystery, Thriller For sale 95pp
The San Quentin Shuffle
An over-the-hill con artist with a price on his head agrees to one final con, getting sent to San Quentin prison to locate his deceased mentor’s fortune.
Feature Crime, Thriller For sale 104pp
Finn Maguire and the Galleon of Gold
The discovery of his absent father’s treasure journal sets Finn on a quest to locate a long forgotten haul of Spanish Armada gold, unaware that the re-emergence of the journal has alerted a rival.
Feature Adventure, Family, Thriller For sale 113pp