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Mark Krebs

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Mark Krebs
Toronto, Canada

2017-present: Weltschmerz Productions Inc.

Writer  “The World Class City" a feature-length Black Comedy, set in Toronto.

Mark Krebs has written 3 feature-length screenplays:

DigitalSleep ("Empire of Lights") - scifi, set in the Yucatan and involving Mayan demigods; storyboarded, budgeted; a detective story where the paintings of Rene Magritte provide the indexical signs/clues to the mystery.

BrainTube -  funny sci-fi movie about a world suffering from a massive plague of

uncontrollable dandruff; begins at a New York fashion show and connected to "Karl

Lagerfeld" character, an obsessive user of Grecian Formula; solved by making the entire population wear plastic shower hats and not to touch each.

Pre-Dater-    parody of Arnold Schwartzenegger movie "Predator"; Arnold and his gang of heavies are replaced by a group of heavily armed Girl Guides, who are dispatched to Nicaragua to take-out a threatening alien


Mark Krebs is president/CTO MemeSpeak Inc ( and previously CEO, CTO Logovision Wireless Inc and Movidity Inc.
He is the inventor and developer of an alternative transmission model for video streaming to mobile clients for adaptive bitrate streaming.
Mark has an honours degree in physics from the University of Toronto and an MSc Comp Sci from Carnegie Mellon. He is the author of several patents.



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Scripts By Mark

The World Class City
Set in the dystopic World Class City, a hovering Zeppelin broadcasts Weltschmerz mind-controlling television to a complacent population wearing glowing "Own It!s" on their ears. One journalist attempts to uncover the truth behind it all.
Feature Comedy, Film-Noir Seeking finance 100pp
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