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Mark Laing
Simi Valley, United States

My dad was a journalist and managed to get banned by the racist Apartheid regime in South Africa - we escaped to America and I spent part of my childhood in New York and the East Coast.  When I'm not writing I mentor students at UEA (The University of East Anglia) and help out photographing events at KITS (Kids in the Spotlight) - a charity to help foster kids by training them to write, cast, and star in their own short films.

SAG and AFTRA actor.

Graduated from the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School.

Journalist, script reader, and screenwriter with four completed scripts, several treatments, staged readings.

Script Reader, Edward Pressman productions, Beverly Hills 1988-1990

Sub editor\Journalist, The Daily Telegraph.

Freelance sub editor\writer for the Daily Telegraph sports desk.

Freelance sub-editor, The Sun, Daily Mirror, Reader's Digest Books, Financial Times, Observer, Health and Social Services Journal, The Times, Sunday Times.

Sub Editor, The Oxford Mail, Oxford 1980-1982
Large regional evening newspaper. Movie reviews, book reviews, sports, and news editing and writing.

Education: University of East Anglia — English and American Studies, one year.
Bembridge School, Isle of Wight. Bristol Old Vic Theatre School.

Further Education: Sherwood Oaks Film School, Los Angeles; UCLA Writers' Extension, Los Angeles; TV Pilot and New Series Workshop, On The Page, Pilar Alexander, Richmond Writer's Circle, and New Richmond, UK; Original Writer's Group, Lavender Hill, London; Richmond Theatre Adult Scriptwriting group, Janna Gelfand's Writing Group, Greg Dean's Standup Comedy Workshop.

I have four completed screenplays and “The Thief of Dubai” was the No.1 most requested script on Virtual Pitch Fest in November while “May September” was the No.1 most requested script in October. “Box Canyon,” was No.2 in October AND September. Lost Causes" was No.1 in January.

I have three scripts in VPF's most requested scripts list:  “The Thief of Dubai” is with "May September" and "Box Canyon", are in the top 20 most requested scripts for 2022 on Virtual PItch Fest's Hotlist (2022 scripts with the most yes responses for the entire year!)


Coverfly All-time Overall Top 35% for
The Thief of Dubai.


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The Thief of Dubai.
Script Reader Pro - Recommended for
Lost Causes.
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Box Canyon
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May September.

Scripts By Mark

May September.
A 23-year-old black actress, who’s gone mysteriously offline and sworn off dating writers, falls in love with a white 46-year-old screenwriter who lives his life completely online.
Feature Comedy, Romance For sale 97pp
Script Reader Pro - Strong Consider
3 readers love this script
Box Canyon
An LAPD cop digs into the truth behind a body in a barrel and finds himself right in the middle of a conspiracy involving a nuclear power plant in 1959.
Feature Crime, Drama, Thriller For sale 106pp
Script Reader Pro - Recommended
Lost Causes.
Reeling from the death of his brother during a climbing accident, a brilliant neuroscientist creates a spray that can alter memories, only for it to fall into the hands of a sinister technocrat.
Feature Action, Drama, Thriller For sale 101pp
Script Reader Pro - Recommended
The Thief of Dubai.
A thief who sees himself as a smart antiquities collector finds himself in a fantastical place when he unearths a magic lamp and a genie inside that holds secrets of his past and present.
Feature Action, Adventure, Fantasy For sale 98pp
Script Reader Pro - Recommended
Coverfly All-time Overall Top 35%