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Mark Pritchard

I'm the author of Billy Christmas (Alan Squire, 2012), and am in the process of adapting my book for the screen - alongside short and feature length screenplays.... ...only that doesn't quite cover it. In common with many, I suspect, I've finally admitted that the old adage is true: you can ignore your nature as much as you want, but your nature won't ignore you. It is perhaps exceedingly unhealthy to do so, and I've finally shifted life around so that the writing leads and all else follows. (Cut to my very patient accountant aping the Munch' Scream pose...) This year is about getting scripts completed, with homes to go to for production. Only to delighted to share time with anyone with whom that resonates. Onwards! (If you got this far I'm also a fair - Camera Wrangler / Director / Interviewer / Actor - and I love to collaborate. But mainly, words...!)


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Scripts By Mark

Terrible Lizard
One man's attempt to transform his date into the mother of dragons becomes monstrous.
Short Action, Comedy, Romance Example of work only 12pp