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Mark Smerchynskij

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Mark Smerchynskij
Bradford, United Kingdom

Mark Smerchynskij is an ambitious and energetic writer who shares a love with all aspects of filmmaking. Starting with just a single book on script writing, Mark transformed his life and dedicated it to the pursuit of knowledge within the filmmaking world. He went on to study at the Met Film School wherein he produced, wrote, directed and edited his own short film, as well as collaborate on others. Since then Mark has continued his pursuit of success and understanding having worked on independent features and shorts as a producer and write, and who has recently written multiple comedy sketches for an independent producer based in England. Mark's passion for storytelling and writing is peerless, always looking to better his abilities through all experiences so that he can grow as a storyteller and writer.


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Scripts By Mark

The Groomer Sketch
A man walks into a dog groomers...
Short Comedy For sale 3pp
Titanic Sketch
Close to death, Jack's honesty is not what Rose expected.
Short Comedy For sale 3pp
The Simpsons - Rise of Justice
With Springfield under attack from a crime wave, and the police lacking any efficiency, the town's heroes come in the form of a hopeless Homer and his team of inept helpers... I mean sidekicks.
Episode Animation For sale 38pp
Chester Gold: A Terrorist Takedown
Chester Gold arrives in LA to save his marriage but ends up fighting to save their lives when a group of poorly dressed and dim-witted terrorists seize the building his wife works in.
Feature Action, Comedy For sale 95pp
Blood for Blood
Ex-con Michael returns to his violent ways to seek vengeance against those responsible for the brutal attack on his girlfriend.
Feature Action, Crime, Thriller For sale 90pp