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Mark Wesley
London, United Kingdom

Previously worked in broadcasting including ten years on Radio Luxembourg. Wrote and produced records for EMI, Warner Bros, Private Stock, Casablanca among others. Later, partner in a business film production company. Directed and produced six-part police documentary for ITV. Directed and produced an episode of ‘24 Hours’ documentary for Channel 4. Directed TV commercials, endless marketing films, and five 25 min driver training comedy dramas for London Overground and Crossrail.

Writer of thriller novels: BANGK!, FRACK!, Dead City Exit


BANGK!  Crime Thriller: 113 pages. Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards finalist.

LOGLINE After a partner-in-crime double crosses him, a charismatic hustler devises a high-risk con to trick the Bank of England into moving gold bullion to a location that’s easier to rob – if the New York mob don’t kill him first.

The Half Life of Harry Figg. Science fiction:  101pages.

LOGLINE: After seeing an unearthly ray of violet light streaking from an upstairs window, the life of a teenage burglar becomes entangled with a reclusive scientist, when he breaks into his home, and discovers a star in a jar.

HIDDEN: Mystery, Thriller

LOGLINE: A desperate family’s generational quest to find a stolen inheritance before greedy treasure hunters beat them to the golden fortune hidden within an ancient piano.






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