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Marley Inksetter
Toronto, Canada

Hello. I'm a Canadian screenwriter and filmmaker. I was born in Madison, Wisconsin, raised on a commune in Eugene, Oregon, and wound up a latch-key child in Rapide-Danseur, Quebec. Now I live in Toronto. I grew up watching movies. I grew up watching movies on repeat. I'd rewind my VHS copy of Matilda all night, over and over again until the sun came up. That love for movies like Matilda and Toy Story grew into a love for great films like Rushmore and Fargo and Clueless (don't @ me, Clueless is fantastic). I started writing stories that turned into shorts and series and screenplays and that fueled me to pursue a BA in Film Studies followed by studies in Comedy Script Writing from Humber College in Toronto. 

Now, I write. And sometimes I make things out of the things that I write. 

Scripts By Marley

The Grind
After a hookup, Jenny asks Luke for a not-so-simple favor.
Short Comedy For sale 6pp
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Divine Intervention
A quirky, mod-podge, and aging congregation grapples with the death of their priest, the decline of their church, and the young hotshot with a double life appointed to save them all.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 27pp