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Martha Wolfenden

I am a 56 year old Script Writer, Actress and full time Legal Secretary.  I have an easy going personality and have a great sense of humour. I am passionate about writing and ever since I started to teach myself, my curiousity has grown and grown.  I have now written 5 short film scripts and they are ready for filming!. I am currently editing one of my feature film scripts. I get ever so excited when ideas come flooding to my head and I immediately get them down and therefore am forever editing my other writing projects too, just to keep things moving! Exciting times ahead!  I am currently studying for my Master of Arts Writing for Script & Screen at Falmouth University as I'd love to one day be a qualified Writer and bring my many great ideas to the screen!!

Regarding my love for acting, my life skills I can bring to the table include being a Mother (4) , Grandmother (9), am a Legal Secretary, cooking, knitting, sewing, singing, swimming, dancing. I am an active member of BECTU... 

Thank you for reading and have a good day..



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