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Martin Cox
Las Vegas, United States

My name is Martin Cox and I am an Englishman, London born and bred but now a proud American citizen, domiciled in fabulous Las Vegas with my beautiful Asian wife Anita. Yes, I am very blessed!.

I feel extremely humbled to join the Script Revolution and be in the company of so many talented writers.

Since childhood, I have had a love affair with the written word, weaving copious amounts of rhyming tapestries, essays and plays for my fellow students to share and perfom in. This was when I initially experienced the total intoxication of hearing others breath life into my written words. How wondrous the feeling. And I have been fortunate enough to prolong that addiction throughout the years with a number of short films, Movies of The Week, along with TV and Radio commercials being ennobled by fine thespians, a group of hardworking, talented individuals whom I totally revere for their talent and dedication.

I really wish to learn and hopefully hone my writing skills through this membership by reading the works of my fellow subscribers and viewing their produced offerings.

So pleased to be here.

Martin Cox.


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Scripts By Martin

The Show To Die For.
When a young wife and mother learns she has less than six months to live, she signs up to commit suicide on a failing TV show, for a sum of much-needed money.
Short Drama, Family For sale 14pp
1 reader loves this script
The Last Ride.
A hard-working cab driver discovers his beloved wife is a hooker. Broken hearted, he considers his options and chooses the one that will settle matters for good.
Feature Thriller For sale 99pp
When a down and out meets a man of God, they discover they have more in common than first meets the eye.
Short Drama For sale 20pp
The Prez.
It's 1962. Three powerful men pissed off with the President, whom they put into office, now threaten to take him out. Can the President's influential father save his son?
Short Crime, Thriller For sale 8pp
Ugly Profile.
Terrorists' bombings have caused abject fear in the local community. Four commuting friends meet up on their regular train and are convinced that a bomber is on board. But can they stop the carnage?
Short Action, Drama, Thriller For sale 10pp
Read Review by Steve Miles
Absolut Absolution.
When the worlds of a dominatrix and a recovering alcoholic collide, the resultant power struggle swiftly shifts from cerebral to physical, with mutually defined intended consequences.
Short Crime, Drama, Thriller For sale 14pp