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Martin McDonald
Hong Kong, China

An Australian Inventor living in Hong Kong who is looking to break into the movie industry as a script writer.

A highly accomplished enterprising visionary talents combining outstanding sales and marketing that is customer focused with high caliber of general management qualifications.

Results-oriented, decisive leader, with proven success in establishing brand awareness, promotions, advertising and sales of a newly created international brands.
Specializing in work related to new ideas and creative products.

I wrote my first script to potentially sell and help finance a sports product I was about to Patent and Trademark.
So what I did was have my sports invention placed in the the first script for product placement and brand awareness.
I thought if anyone likes the script they can utilise my product & Sports Brand to increase revenue for the investors.
I thought if Under Armour can become an overnight success from product placement in the movie " Any given Sunday"                                              I could try it with my brand Eliminator.

Big Expectations
A rising Football (Soccer) superstar becomes a quadriplegic after a horrific car accident.
His only hope to get back in the game lies with one man, a former vivisectionist who gives him the chance of mobility and World Cup glory.


Scripts By Martin

Big Expectations
A soccer superstar becomes a quadriplegic after a horrific car accident. A former vivisectionist gives him the chance of mobility & World Cup glory.
Feature Drama, Sci-Fi, Sport For sale 130pp