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Martine de Jong
Leeuwarden, Netherlands

I was born and raised in the Netherlands, but I've lived abroad as well, for almost 5 years. Actually, in Sevilla in the South of Spain to be precise. I studied Spanish at university and during my exchange I studied for one year at the Universidad de Sevilla. I fell in love with the city and in 2014 I decided to go back to Sevilla to work and live there for good. That last part didn't end up happening, but I did spend 3,5 fantastic years back in the Andalusian capital. I worked as a Spanish and English teacher at various academies, got my C2 certification in both of those languages and met a ton of amazing people. 

I've been back in the Netherlands for two years now and my interest in screenwriting actually started around that same time, I would say about 1,5 years ago. At first, I didn't take my ideas and inspirations very seriously, because I didn't see how they could become a way to earn my living, but now that I do give my ideas the time and attention they need, I'm starting to see that maybe it is feasible to, in the long run, earn (part of) my living writing and selling screenplays.

My interest goes out to writing stories that help people see the bigger picture in life or consider different points of view on common situations in our lives. With that I hope to give the audience some valuable insights which hopefully helps making them (even if slightly) better people for it. I know some films have had that effect on me and I would love to return that favour to the world by making 'mind-opening' movies.

To train myself to become a better writer, I recently joined the Screenwriting Course of the Dutch Writers Academy, which is a 1,5-year programme that deals with the basics of writing as well as the specifics of screenplay writing. It's very interesting and I'm learning a lot. And the energy, motivation and flow I get from writing reassures me every time again that there could indeed be a professional future in this for me, as long as I keep working hard enough to make that happen. Time will tell I guess, but in any case, I'm already enjoying the start of this enriching journey a lot, so I will stick to it and see where it gets me to!

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