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Marty Brice

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Marty Brice
Chicago, United States

I graduated from the University of Illinois in 1981, with my B.F.A. and a dream of pursuing a life as a Playwright. Marriage and children would soon take me in another direction and after sorting mail for the USPS for a few years, I began my career as a United States Postal Inspector. I investigated any and all crimes against the Postal Service, or when the Postal Service was utilized in the furtherance of criminal activity. This included mail bomb investigations, burglary and robbery cases, as well a complex finacial crimes of Mail Fraud, Bank Fraud, Credit Card Fraud and Money Laundering. As a Federal Agent I prepared search warrants, seizure warrants, arrest warrants and criminal complaints. I took part in security for the 1996 Democratic convention in Chicago and the 2012 Super Bowl in Indianapolis and I maintined Top Secret Security Clearance throughout my career.

At this point in my life, I realize I am closer to "Fade Out" than "Fade In", but I still think I have some stories left in me - especially those dealing with the oldest law enforcement agency in the country. I am also very proud of my screenplay Young Blood, which looks back at my Chicago high school when it was undergoing integration in 1968, being met with resistance from the racist gangs that were part of our student body.

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Scripts By Marty

Young Blood
A biracial teen, finds himself embroiled in racial tensions at his new Chicago high school undergoing integration in the sixties and he struggles to follow the peaceful teachings of Dr. King in this violent world.
Feature Action, History Example of work only 111pp