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I think this is where I am supposed to list my past experiences and achievements, but there are honestly not many in the field of screenplay writing. The first ever script I wrote was about a year ago. It made it past the receptionist at a production firm in England, but it was ultimately rejected. This somehow positive rejection has spurred me on ever since. I have never found anything more truly enjoyable than writing a screenplay. For the first time in my life it feels like something actually fits within my remit of talents,, and I am not forceably trying to make something work. I hope you enjoy reading my screenplays as much as I enjoyed writing them. If they happen to surprise you, make you think, laugh or even cry I am happy to have achieved what I set out to do.


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Scripts By Marvin

After witnessing the murder of his parents as an adolescent, Jonah struggles to find solace after taking his revenge against the two Italian American perpetrators.
Short Drama For sale 30pp