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Matt Carlson

Screenwriter with a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology. Studied neuroscience and bio-psychology, which place an importance on chemical reactions in the brain, which in turn cause emotion and behavior. Through the chemical components which make up neurotransmitters, individuals can learn the spectrum of human interaction and common drives for basic physiological needs. Screenplays focus on the psychosis of characters and how their actions affect the behavior and thought-processes of others, which will in turn affect themselves. Interested in criminal behavior, and understanding the reasoning behind initial deviant behavior and reoffenders. Scripts include an emphasis in horror and thrillers due to the extreme range in traumatic events for characters to react, and the susceptibility for full character arcs. Previous screenplay includes, Episodic, a teenager’s journey through the five stages of grief after the loss of his girlfriend in a car accident. Episodic celebrates the growth of the human spirit after a traumatic event, and seeks to approach death as a memory over a nightmare. Future screenplays include, Beneath the Churchyard Tree, a Seattle cop on the brink of retirement who is dragged into a serial killer investigation, only to discover multiple killers in his city---possibly the most deadly of all time; and Dead Blossoms, a man with a criminal past travels to find the cause of his murdering impulse, only to fall into the hands of the witch who created it. Currently work in Labor Relations, preventing unfair labor practices and resolving grievances in the workplace. Previously worked in economic development, dedicated to creating new jobs through enabling small businesses with the tools for substantial growth.


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Scripts By Matt

Beneath the Churchyard Tree
On the brink of retirement, a Seattle police detective's last murder case spirals into unsettling darkness, uncovering a grave of bodies belonging to the nation's most prolific serial killer. *WARNING - Graphic*
Feature Drama, Thriller For sale 116pp
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Fate of the Night
After witnessing a wolf horrifically maul a young couple, the Harris family must face the psychological consequences of leaving them to die. Downward spiraling into PTSD, they discover the wolf is something more supernatural.
Feature Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Thriller Available for Free 82pp
2 readers love this script
Plagued by flashbacks, a teenager must journey through the five stages of grief to cope with the end of his relationship.
Short Romance Available for Free 33pp
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