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Matt Taylor
Port Macquarie, Australia

I write scripts by night when I'm not teaching special ed. I want to explore stories that haven't been written before using unconventional heroes, and I have a strong interest in writing awesome roles for awesome women.

As a spec script writer, my passion is creating screenplays that right wrongs, that see a hero take back power that was stolen from them. I write strong female leads, women we don’t see enough of, in their 30s and 40s, who have a story to tell, who have strength and texture and who can bring experiences, not just good looks.

I write meaningful stories of change and journey and the people who take that journey with us. I write gripping action that zips and hits hard, as well as witty dialogue that can bring humor in just the right places, to give you a laugh while you catch your breath.

I strongly believe that men have a crucial role in lauding women and speaking out against the worst examples of male behaviour. It can’t just be up to women to make change. And I’m here to do just that, starting in 2019 with my all-female lead horror thriller, THE LAST WORD, starring a kick-ass woman in her 40s. I do it with the supernatural thriller, HAUNTED, and I do it with the Sci-Fi thriller, COLONY, proudly featuring a female lead with a disability, the unstoppable Dr Alex Stevens, a brilliant scientist who also has cerebral palsy.

I’m here to write films that send a message, that tell women that they’re not the only ones looking for change. I write films that highlight the power of friendship, while shining light into the shadowy corners of humanity to send the roaches scurrying. I write films that support LGBTQ+ characters, that say, ‘You have a place here on the podium.’

I want to write films that one day inspire people the way I was inspired by Sigourney Weaver in Aliens and Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2, that make people laugh the way I laughed in Bad Moms. Above all, I want to write films that make you want to jump up at the end and yell, ‘Yes!’

If that sounds like you, then I’d love to hear from you.


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