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Matthew Portman
Irvine, United States


  • FLIGHT - After a tough break-up, a hard-working academic finds comfort away in a budding relationship.
  • GOOD MORNING SUNSHINE - After a crazy night in a hotel suite, a man struggles to find his bearings but quickly discovers the truth about all involved.


  • AT ATTENTION - Featured on Shootin' the Shorts as reviewed by Cam Gray. "If you’re a director looking for a Yorgos Lanthimos style short for the festival circuit, you’ll love At Attention. And for anyone seeking guaranteed laughs, this script won’t “miss the mark” or disappoint!"
  • DAIRY FARMER'S DAUGHTER - Slamdance called it "... very creative – it’s great to see something so entirely original, and the visuals here are evocative and memorable."

    Quarter Finalist in Screencraft's 2017 Short Screenplay Contest.

  • FLIGHT - Honorable Mention at the Campus Movie Festival SDSU and screened at the Film Society at SDSU Winter Film Festival. 100K+ views on Youtube.

About Me:

Film enthusiast turned hobbyist screenwriter. By day I'm a graduate student and by night a writing turtle. Most of the time caffeine is involved (my third love) which certainly helps the motivated creative process.


    Scripts By Matthew

    Bound to a table, a desperate man must defend his innocence to the friends keeping him hostage or face a fitting punishment.
    Short Horror, Thriller For sale 6pp
    7 readers love this script
    At Attention
    On a forest trek, a young man discovers that some of the finer things in life can present themselves unexpectedly.
    Short Comedy, Mystery Available for Free 3pp
    5 readers love this script
    Read Review by Cam Gray
    Fossil Fuel
    An old man and his daughter, while drinking, decide to take revenge on an oil pump that gets in the way of their sun.
    Short Comedy, Western For sale 6pp
    4 readers love this script
    Graduation Day
    Two newly graduated high school students attempt to exact lasting revenge on their least favorite librarian and avoid the penultimate punishment: summer detention.
    Short Comedy, Crime For sale 5pp
    2 readers love this script
    Sparkles the Clown
    An examination of the unique way in which clowns cope with grief at the funeral of Sparkles the Clown.
    Short Animation, Comedy, Fantasy For sale 3pp
    2 readers love this script
    The Dairy Farmer's Daughter
    The lactose intolerant daughter of a dairy farmer suffers from his milk-related cruelty. Trapped, she must find a way out.
    Short Horror, Thriller For sale 8pp
    2 readers love this script
    Good Morning Sunshine
    After a crazy night in a hotel suite, a man struggles to find his bearings but quickly discovers the truth about all involved.
    Short Comedy, Mystery Produced 2pp
    1 reader loves this script
    By No Small Feat
    When a dognapper snatches her beloved pup, an overweight unemployed camgirl loses her footing and struggles to make ends meet.
    TV Pilot Action, Comedy, Mystery For sale 27pp
    1 reader loves this script
    Basket Case
    Days before Christmas 1914, three volunteer American soldiers mistakenly rescue a German body for burial and have to return it before their fellow soldiers find out.
    TV Pilot Comedy, History, War For sale 27pp
    1 reader loves this script
    When a bowl of ramen doesn't meet his standards, a man encounters a terrestrial chef bearing the final bid for his approval.
    Short Animation, Comedy, Fantasy, Western Available for Free 2pp