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Matthew Portman
San Diego, United States


  • FLIGHT - Written for a week-long student movie competition.


  • AT ATTENTION - Featured on Shootin' the Shorts as reviewed by Cam Gray. "If you’re a director looking for a Yorgos Lanthimos style short for the festival circuit, you’ll love At Attention. And for anyone seeking guaranteed laughs, this script won’t “miss the mark” or disappoint!"
  • DAIRY FARMER'S DAUGHTER - Slamdance called it "... very creative – it’s great to see something so entirely original, and the visuals here are evocative and memorable."

    Quarter Finalist in Screencraft's 2017 Short Screenplay Contest.

  • FLIGHT - Honorable Mention at the Campus Movie Festival SDSU and screened at the Film Society at SDSU Winter Film Festival.

About Me:

Film enthusiast turned hobbyist screenwriter. By day I'm a graduate student and by night a writing turtle. Most of the time caffeine is involved (my third love) which certainly helps the motivated creative process!

Feel free to message me about my screenplays or even about yours. I'm more than willing to give things a read so long as my studies don't keep me too busy - they will for some time so bear with me. 



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    Good Morning Sunshine
    A man struggles to gather his bearings after a crazy night in a hotel suite.
    Short Comedy, Mystery In development 2pp
    After a tough break-up, a hard-working academic finds comfort away in a budding relationship.
    Short Drama, Romance Produced 4pp