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Maurice Vaughan

Some of the short scripts that I'm selling/optioning have potential to be longer projects (feature scripts, T.V. series, etc.).

My Writing Bio:

I'm an experienced, non-union screenwriter who writes within various budgets and genres. I mainly write micro-budget scripts and low-budget scripts.

I love to create and write strong, flawed characters and unique stories.

I strive to write scenes that haven't been written and seen before.

I write quickly and professionally. I work well on a team. I use Final Draft 11 screenwriting software.

I've written many scripts over twelve years (short, feature, book to script adaptation, T.V., web-series, Public Service Announcement, radio, commercial, and anthology).

I've written scripts based off the ideas of various directors and producers, and I've rewritten their scripts too.

I've written coverage for scripts (for writers, directors, and producers).

I co-wrote “Streets of the Dead” (produced short script) and “Jackpot" (produced feature script) for director/producer Justin Smith of Jaylin Films.

I wrote a short anthology story titled "Candy Ban" for the Horror book, "31 Nights of Halloween." This book was published by Rainstorm Press (

I've completed two screenwriting jobs in 2020. The first job involved me rewriting and proofreading a Horror feature script. The second job involved me rewriting and proofreading a Romantic/Drama feature script.

My IMDb page is

Anthony D. Thomas of Triad Talent Management is my previous manager (the company is now named Taurus Studios).



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Scripts By Maurice

Package Thief
A poor, desperate package thief steals a package off of a porch, not knowing there's something deadly in it.
Short Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 5pp
1 reader loves this script
Bully App
An abused high school student bullies her bully with a phone app that has magical powers.
Short Comedy, Drama, Fantasy For sale 14pp
1 reader loves this script
Emoji Face
After a teenager makes emoji faces with her face, it becomes an actual emoji face, and her mom tells her to make the best of the bad situation.
Short Comedy, Drama, Family, Fantasy For sale 10pp
Gut Feeling
As a single mother waits to be interviewed at a lab that's owned by an evil scientist, she ignores a gut feeling that warns her something isn't right.
Short Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 9pp
The Tall, Hideous Monster
As a girl watches a cursed Horror movie, the villian—named The Tall, Hideous Monster—comes through the TV and attacks her.
Short Horror For sale 3pp
An abused housewife tries to escape from a vicious, enhanced mutant that breaks into her house to attack her.
Short Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 7pp
Alessia the Weapon
Alessia—a top secret CIA weapon—breaks into a warehouse to disable missiles that will destroy major U.S. cities.
Short Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 3pp
Let it Go
The night after a huge, kind man is beat up by his long-time bully, he goes to the bully's house to get revenge.
Short Crime, Drama, Thriller For sale 5pp
Mouse Vs. Rat
A selfish mouse fights a greedy rat after it finds the rat eating its food.
Short Animation, Comedy For sale 5pp
I Need a Lift
After his wife's funeral, an on-demand driver reaches out to passengers about his grief, but none of them care or have time to talk about it.
Short Drama For sale 9pp