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Maurice Vaughan
Greenville, United States



I'm an experienced Horror screenwriter, commercial writer, and pitch deck designer. I'm also a Moderator on Stage 32 in the Screenwriting Lounge (

I mainly write micro-budget scripts and low-budget scripts (mostly Contained Horror and Survival Horror). I like writing flawed characters and unique stories. I write quickly, I work well on a team, and I'm very detail-oriented.

I've written many types of scripts (feature, commercial, short, teleplay, book-to-script adaptation, PSA, radio play, and anthology).

I co-wrote “Jackpot" (produced feature script) with director/producer Justin Smith of Jaylin Films.

I wrote a short anthology story titled "Candy Ban" for the Horror book, "31 Nights of Halloween." This book was published by Rainstorm Press.

I was represented by a manager (Anthony D. Thomas) back in 2009.

I sold four short scripts to a producer in May 2020. I met the producer on Stage 32.

Throughout 2020, 2021, and 2022, I received many jobs on Stage 32 and Upwork (writing feature scripts for a producer/director, writing a commercial, rewriting a short teleplay for a producer, ghostwriting scripts, rewriting short scripts, editing projects, making pitch decks, etc.). 90% or more of my jobs come through Stage 32.

I signed a shopping agreement with a producer for my Horror Comedy game show "Jump Scares" in Mar. 2023. I met the producer on Stage 32. I'm currently (Apr. 2023) pitching projects and networking.

You're welcome to contact me by sending a message or emailing me. I'm looking forward to meeting you, collaborating on projects in the future, and supporting your work.