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Maurice Vaughan
Greenville, United States



I'm an experienced screenwriter, commercial writer, treatment writer, pitch deck designer, and script consultant. I'm also part of the Stage 32 Lounge Crew in the Screenwriting Lounge (

I mainly write micro-budget scripts and low-budget scripts (mostly Horror and Thriller). I love to write strong, flawed characters and unique stories. I write quickly, I work well on a team, and I'm very detail-oriented.

I've written many types of scripts (feature, commercial, short, teleplay, book-to-script adaptation, PSA, radio play, and anthology).

I co-wrote “Jackpot" (produced feature script) with director/producer Justin Smith of Jaylin Films.

I wrote a short anthology story titled "Candy Ban" for the Horror book, "31 Nights of Halloween." This book was published by Rainstorm Press.

I was represented by a manager (Anthony D. Thomas) back in 2009.

I sold four short scripts to a producer in May 2020. I met the producer on Stage 32.

Throughout 2020, 2021, and 2022, I received many jobs on Stage 32 and Upwork (writing feature scripts for a producer/director, writing a commercial, rewriting a short teleplay for a producer, ghostwriting scripts, rewriting short scripts, editing projects, making pitch decks, etc.). 90% or more of my jobs come through Stage 32.

I'm currently (Jan. 2023) finishing up a rewriting job and pitching projects. I recently finished two Horror/Thriller short scripts ("Cat" and "The Phantoms").

You're welcome to contact me by sending a message or emailing me. I'm looking forward to meeting you, collaborating on projects in the future, and supporting your work.

Scripts By Maurice

Escape the House
After a disobedient teen and her mom move to a small town, the family and a neighbor try to escape from a living house that wants a daughter, wife, and live-in maid.
Feature Comedy, Horror For sale 89pp
4 readers love this script
After a nightclub waitress finds glasses that allow her to see people’s thoughts, she uses them to see what her co-workers, her boss, and a stalker are thinking.
Short Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 16pp
3 readers love this script
Night Crier
After a she-monster discovers her secluded house, a woman who never asks for help or accepts it tries to single-handedly kill the hungry creature each night it visits.
Feature Horror, Thriller For sale 88pp
2 readers love this script
Around the House (Virtual Game Show)
Through TVs and tablets, a comedic hostess gives a family classic and unusual games to play around the house for prizes.
TV Pilot Comedy, Family For sale 10pp
1 reader loves this script
Fantasy Stories! (Kids TV Show)
In her fantasy-themed treehouse, a lively eight-year-old girl tells her friends exciting fantasy stories that she writes.
TV Pilot Animation, Comedy, Fantasy For sale 28pp
1 reader loves this script
The Phantoms
During a citywide zombie outbreak, an untrusting teenager and her estranged dad try to survive against invisible bioengineered zombies at an apartment complex.
Short Horror, Thriller For sale 7pp
While vacationing in a secluded house, a woman with ailurophobia tries to escape from a cat that becomes possessed after she reads an ancient object.
Short Horror, Thriller For sale 7pp
After his wife signs him up for an innovative VR game, a racist White cop reluctantly agrees to play, experiencing racism as a Mexican man and a Black man.
Short Drama For sale 16pp
HUGE (Reality TV Show)
To win a big cash prize, a dysfunctional group of five friends, family members, or people work together to complete a huge task, like winning a championship game against pro football players.
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama For sale 16pp
The Search Team
Desperately needing a $100,000 reward for their families, an impatient teenager and his best friend search for a dangerous fugitive in their small town.
Short Adventure, Comedy For sale 14pp
RACEism (Virtual Reality Short Script)
​After his wife signs him up for an innovative VR game, a racist White cop reluctantly agrees to play, experiencing racism as a Mexican man and a Black man.​
Short Drama For sale 16pp
Trapped in a dark house, a lying district attorney uses night vision glasses to see as he fights an intruder from his past.
Short Horror, Thriller For sale 23pp
Out the Woods
After finding a small box that was meant to be buried, two teenage girls search for a way out the woods as a masked woman with a shovel hunts them.
Short Horror, Thriller For sale 15pp
Alone in a secluded house, two young women—one who’s afraid to talk and one who can’t talk—defend themselves against a monster that attacks when a person isn’t speaking.
Short Horror, Thriller For sale 9pp
2 Toxic
A teenage outcast and her toxic friend try to avoid being touched by a poisonous mutant after she escapes from a lab in their small town.
Short Horror, Sci-Fi For sale 21pp
After buying a case full of hi-tech, one-inch weapons and one-inch vehicles that can be enlarged, a miniature figurine collector who’s afraid to fight uses the weapons to battle an intruder.
Short Action, Sci-Fi For sale 11pp
Mom Fight Club
After receiving a foreclosure notice, a single mom who doesn’t accept help participates in a tag-team fight club for moms so she can win money to keep her house.
Short Action, Comedy For sale 15pp
Money Roses
After an investor who doesn’t share is given roses that can make money, she tries to spend as much as she can before they die.
Short Comedy, Fantasy For sale 9pp
Clown vs. Mime: Battle over the Sidewalk
Two poor street performers—a clown with a young daughter and a mime with a sick brother—fight over a busy sidewalk that generates A LOT of money.​
Short Comedy, Drama For sale 11pp
Mouse vs. Rat
After a selfish mouse finds a greedy rat eating its food, they fight each other and try to escape from the owner's big, mean cat.
Short Animation, Comedy For sale 5pp