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Phoenix, United States

M.B. Stevens is the owner/writer at BadMation Productions (BMP). BMP is a small animation company that writes and produces short series in the genre of science fiction, drama, and comedy that he calls  “Scidracoms”. He loves to network with like-minded creators, nerds, and baddies. 

From a young age, M.B. Stevens was destined for speculative fiction nerddom. He grew up watching Star Wars, Hercules, and Aliens with his dad, and always had the latest copy of a Marvel comic tucked in his backpack. Now he gets to write the stories he loved as a kid, with characters he wanted to see more of— Black heroines asking big questions, saving the world, and occasionally falling in love along the way. 
M.B. Stevens is also a member of the Black Spec Writers Slack group, which provides writing advice and community for Black aspiring speculative fiction authors. He lives in Arizona with his wife, five children, and a needy orange tabby cat named Flap Jack.