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McDalan Francois
New York City, United States

Hi, my name is McDalan Francois. I have been a film enthusiast all my life, and at one point gave up on my dream. However now I am reinvigorated as I feel that a movie idea comes everyday. Being able to take small things that I see and turn it into a movie is what I enjoy. What I love about writing screenplays is that iy allows you to be creative, free your mind,and create yoour own world with your own rules. I have written 3 full screenplays, and have 4 more ideas that I will be turning into screenplays in succession. I think that it is important when writing a screenplay to stand out, not writs about the same thing that has been written about many times over, unless it is done differently. I am a horror fanatic, although I do have horror/thriller screenplays not all of my ideas are in that genre.


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Scripts By McDalan

Night night
When a strange boy haunts a man and his family, the most sinister of secrets will be revealed.
Feature Horror, Mystery For sale 86pp
Love Will Lead You Back
Morgan's quest to get the girl that he wants, leads him to the girl tat he needs. He soon realizes in this romantic comedy, that true love will lead you back.
Feature Comedy For sale 95pp
When The Clock Strikes 12
A malevolent spirit terrorizes a neighborhood.
Feature Horror For sale 119pp
Sleep Walk
Never wake a sleepwalker when they are sleepwalking. Not because you might kill them, but because they might kill you!!!
Short Horror For sale 10pp
The Last Night
Be careful the choices that we make, as some choices, there are no coming back from.
Feature Thriller For sale 115pp
Night of the Jumbie
The legendary caribbean evil spirit known as a Jumbie, haunts the Jenkins family and their neighbors.
Feature Horror For sale 110pp