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Meik Fischer
Hannover, Germany

I had the fun experience of being the lead singer of a rock band. I created the melodies and wrote most of our lyrics. Great little stories with a length of 3, 4, and sometimes even 5 minutes. Scenes bounced around in my head whenever we played those songs. When my band broke up, I realized I needed bigger worlds with longer stories. So I started to write shorts, pilots, and features like crazy. Today I write at a slower more focused pace. Quality is always better than quantity. I've participated in various competitions in order to test my work. Feel its pulse. See if it's got the right beat. And so far it's been okay. I hope to one day walk into a theater and see my name appear on that screen. Then go have a beer with Santa Claus, because something magical just happened.

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Scripts By Meik

A shrink finds out the hard way his patient is not what he expected.
Short Horror For sale 11pp
1 reader loves this script
I Wouldn't Touch That
Two kids on a beach and a washed up sea creature. What could go wrong?
Short Horror, Thriller For sale 10pp