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Meik Fischer

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Meik Fischer
Hannover, Germany

I'm a screenwriter.

I like to write stuff. It doesn't matter for which genre or length ( shorts, TV, features), I just let my characters and their story decide which way it will go.

I remember reading somewhere that you don't control your art, it controls you. Fighting that only leads to chaos in your work and you'll have a very hard time finishing what you set out to create.    

There's never a leash on my story, it just goes wherever the hell it wants to. I love to work that way, because the results always surprise me. 

I like to write alone, but I'm also open to collaboration.

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Scripts By Meik

A shrink has his last patient of the day. There's nothing to be worried about, right?
Short Horror For sale 8pp
I wouldn't touch that
Two kids on a beach and a washed-up sea creature. What could go wrong?
Short Horror, Thriller For sale 10pp