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Asheville, United States

I wanted to be in the film & television industry when I was a tiny girl.  At the impatient age of 14, I packed an elaborate backpack, loaded up my pony and took off with the intentions of traveling 3000 miles across the country, alone!  A few miles from home, I stopped at a payphone to call my Dad to tell him I was headed to Hollywood!  Thankfully, I didn't get far.  My poor, sweet Dad was able to find me on the road and calmly convince me to come home.

Back then, no one had ever heard of Asheville, North Carolina so as I grew up, the possibility of being in the industry seemed unobtainable to me, so I pursued the "safe" route - college and Corporate America.   I advanced quickly everywhere I worked but the higher I climbed the ladder, the less I liked the view!

My son became an actor at age 15 and accompanying him to his acting jobs confirmed to me that being on a film set was where I belonged!  These were my people and this was my world.  It ignited a fire within me and I began working on every film set I could - for free - just to get experience and learn the business from the bottom up.

In a few years, through nothing short of magical circumstances, I was granted the amazing opportunity to direct my first film!   That first 30-minute drama won several nice awards and was purchased to air on the ShortsTV channel for 3 years.  I have produced and directed 4 films now, three of which I wrote.

Writing "Quitter" and "Sangria Lift" were great practice for me but I felt I really began to find my voice when I wrote "Phoenix 454".  Phoenix was selected out of about 8,000 scripts as a Quarter Finalist in the Screen Craft Screenwriting Competition.  I produced & directed a 23-minute short film as a “Proof of Concept” for it. Liz Radley – film partners with Clint Eastwood for the last 20+ years – edited it for me.  While watching all my rough footage, which included all of the Behind the Scenes happenings, Liz told me “YOU are a very good Director!!”  Through Phoenix 454, I realized that I want to highlight dynamic women aged 40+ and bring their wisdom, experience, strength and "badassery" to the screen.

My newest script is a TV Pilot called "Allie of Eden", currently my "crown jewel" of which I'm so proud.  I love the story, the town and the characters and the script has received enormous and overwhelming praise from every person who's read it, whether it be friend, family, fellow writer and the professional, Hollywood women's group I belong to: “Green Light Women”. I believe the world needs more “Allies”.  After reading the script, I hope you agree.

I've been working in film for about 12 years now and I'm looking for a hand UP – not out - a boost to find the right DOOR that will get me “into the room” with the people who have the means to bring my stories to the big and small screens, so I can share my stories with the world and begin getting paid for my work.  If you believe you can help me with that, let's talk! 

Many thanks for your time in reading.

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Scripts By Melanie Star

Phoenix 454
A recently widowed Mom taking care of her rebellious son and her paraplegic father finds an unexpected skill & new life when she drives her classic Corvette to become a female "Rocky" of street racing.
Feature Action, Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller For sale 116pp
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Allie of Eden
With a vigilante crime family and a new influx of the rich & famous, this tiny town off of the Appalachian Trail is anything but quiet.
TV Pilot Adventure, Crime, Drama, Family For sale 53pp