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Michael Abraham
Windsor, United Kingdom

Michele Abramo Puricelli(A.K.A) is a creative and keen filmmaker who has spent the past 25 years embracing new and exciting challenges to improve his knowledge about filmmaking.

Michele is the son of a musician and a painter who started to be interested in photography and filmmaking at the early ages. Since then he realized that making movies was the goal of his carrier. 

1998 was the starting point for his carrier in the film industry besides the camera department. A start to understand the craft.

In 2006 Michele left Italy after 8 years of experience working for commercials, films, and television. Since then Michele embraced new challenges and experiences in UK meeting new people and shooting in different formats until 2009 he becomes actively involved in 3D filmmaking.

At the beginning of 2014, Michele started also a journey in the VFX industry learning skills as Compositor and focusing on Stereo Conversion. 

At the present time, he is still involved in the film business covering a technical role, but in the background, he is still working on telling stories. He knows that his goal is approaching.