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Michael Barillas

I Am A "White" Man, "Michael Barillas" A "Satanic" Related "Script Writer", That Uses Evil Philosophy; And Writes Script Pages To Be Produced As A "Movie". My "Residence" Is From Public U.S.A. But The Great Satan's Private U.S.A., Where I Was Born And Raised At. This Script Of Mine Is A Way Of Reaching Out To People, By Informing Them About A Satanic Story; That Occurred Around 1300 A.D. When Enemy Poet Dante Wrote His Book "Inferno". The "Hell Grounds" Story Is Authorized By Me, To Be Produced As My Original "Movie"; While I Am Doing Business With People. 


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Scripts By Michael

Hell Grounds
Satan Is From The Hell Grounds Of Greece And He Makes Religious And Political Decisions To Ally With "Satanic" People, Too Oppose And Punish "Jesus's", "Muhammad's" Religious And Political People.
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