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Michael F Donoghue
Ottawa, Canada

I am thrilled to find a platform that showcases the work of aspiring writers. I started writing late in life, self-publishing three novels, including one historical fiction and two sci-fi dramas. It was during the process of adapting the historical fiction into an eight episode series, (I've completed two episodes and a series bible) and the second sci-fi into a feature length script, that I realized I enjoyed the art of screenwriting more than novel writing. I just completed an original screenplay, entitled, First On Last Off, which I wrote as a graduation gift to my daughter. She recently earned her degree from the University of Toronto's Theater Performance Program. Needless to say, she was thrilled to envision herself as the protagonist. I'm proud of the script, although proud is too small a word when it comes my family. I am married to an incredibly supportive woman, my heroine, and I am father to three remarkable adults.

My novels can be found at michaelfdonoghue.com.

The historical fiction, entitled My Kingdom, chronicles the life of my grandfather as a professional soldier before and during World War One. He spent four plus years in India’s North West Frontier before returning to England prior to the summer of 1914. He was among the first to land in France and was captured early on in the war. He spent the next four years in a prisoner of war camp. When my research uncovered what he went through, I had to write it down. He lived a life few men experience.

The two science fiction novels, entitled, Sophia – Age of Intelligence, and The Human Continuum represent my interest in science, politics, and a desire to illustrate, if only in fiction, a more rewarding path forward for humanity. I enjoyed the process of adapting The Human Continuum into a feature length script.

My hobbies include photography, music, and, of course, reading great scripts.

I look forward to adding more content to this platform.


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Scripts By Michael F

First On Last Off
A cinema studies major inherits a treasure trove of iconic Hollywood props when she is named executor in a famous set designer’s will.
Feature Drama For sale 100pp
2 readers love this script
The Human Continuum
The world's leading A.I. entity confronts what it means to be human when she is called upon to solve an existential threat to humankind.
Feature Drama For sale 122pp
1 reader loves this script
My Kingdom
A British soldier struggles to survive the entire Great War in order to be reunited with his family.
TV Pilot Drama For sale 58pp
The Hero Code
A Gotham City payroll clerk becomes the subject of a post-COVID inquiry after she redefines what it means to be a hero.
Short Drama Under Option 6pp
5 readers love this script
Her Dying Wish
A headstrong Gen X'er must reconcile with her estranged father in order to fulfill her mother's wishes to have her remains scattered over an ancient Greek theatre.
Short Drama Available for Free 26pp