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Michael William Hogan was a corporate executive-type until he one day woke up and realized that he was working for all the wrong reasons. And all the wrong people.

Alarmed but enlightened, Michael thought about checking himself into one of those outrageously expensive facilities in the hills above Malibu but discovered they don't offer corporate executive-typectomies. Undeterred, he then bought a tattered volume of Mid-Life Crisis Management for Dummies at a used bookstore in Brentwood only to discover the chapter on transitioning from hell to heaven had been torn out. Left with only his self-reliance, Michael managed to get into his own head, rewiring his grey matter to finally pursue what matters: happiness, creativity, screenwriting.

In the time since—and somehow without the help of artificial intelligence or an MFA in Writing for Screen & Television—multiple short and feature scripts magically appeared on Michael’s hard drive. He also produced and directed a handful of the short scripts; initially with the intention of creating a “Hotel Horrors” short film collection.

Michael has won dozens of screenwriting competition awards and a few festival awards for his produced shorts. That said, he’s well-grounded in the knowledge that they mean nothing more than mild validation that he kinda-sorta knows what he’s doing.

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