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Michael J Kospiah
New York City, United States

I'm an award-winning screenwriter based out of New York City who specializes in darker subject matter and themes. My first produced feature film, "The Suicide Theory" won the Audience Award at the 2014 Austin Film Festival as well as the Grand Jury Prize (Best Picture) at the Dances With Films Festival in Hollywood. After a brief theatrical release and a three-year run on Netflix, "The Suicide Theory" is now available to watch on Amazon Prime, Itunes, Google Play, Vudu, Youtube and DVD. It sits at 79% on Rotten Tomatoes.

My second produced feature film, "Rage", a crime-thriller, has received a multi-platform release after picking up worldwide distribution through Gravitas Ventures. The film will be available on VOD everywhere February 23rd. The film won Best Narrative Feature at Los Angeles Film Awards, Best Mystery/Thriller at Queen Palm International Film Festival as well as awards at Montreal Independent Film Festival, Roma Prisma and Oniros Film Festival.

Location scouting has begun on my 3rd feature film, a thriller called "Her Lost Winter", which I co-wrote with Joseph Cahill and will be directed by Oswaldo Martinez in Mexico in January 2022. My 4th feature film, a horror-dramedy called "They Never Left" (based on the short film) is on pace for a fall 2021 production with a director, producer and lead actors attached (more news to come). 

You can check out the horror short/concept video for "They Never Left" here. https://youtu.be/xs_kXscwU4M Also, subscribe to my Youtube channel, Mikey Writes Movies.

For any inquiries, contact me at spesh2k@msn.com. Follow me at Twitter (@MichaelJKospiah) and Instagram (@MikeyWritesMovies) for updates on current and upcoming projects. 

THE SUICIDE THEORY (trailer)https://youtu.be/5eaXXOKJvtg

A suicidal man hires a demented killer to assist him in suicide, but for some reason, miraculously survives each attempt on his life.

Check it out on Amazon Primehttps://www.amazon.com/Suicide-Theory-Steve-Mouzakis/dp/B010FF20AC

Also check it out on Itunes, Youtube, Google Play, Vudu and other streaming services.

RAGE (trailer) - https://youtu.be/egyxnuOr4B0

When a violent home invasion brings an already troubled marriage closer to the brink, a husband must come to terms with his own indiscretions, in a desperate move to seek forgiveness that will bring them both to the point of no return.

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