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Michael Kennedy

3 years of script writing. All the rest were in training.


It took me a while to get in front of an empty page and fill it with my stories. Now I can't fill them fast enough. 


Despite a rather disappointing and winding road in life myself, I'm rather fond of a happy ending in my stories. Writing itself is a dream, not my dream.

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Scripts By Michael

Rowley and Ritchie
What connects the 1820 Lima Treasure theft to the 1971 Baker Street robbery? An American millionaire believes cousins Rowley and Ritchie unwittingly hold the answers and a dangerous adventure unfolds.
Feature Action, Adventure, Mystery For sale 128pp
1 reader loves this script
Blood and water - episode one - Hydrophobia
When a deadly virus in the UK's water supply wreaks havoc, a fractured family are unwillingly brought together for survival.
TV Pilot Drama, Horror, Thriller For sale 63pp
1 reader loves this script
The luck of an angel
A young man raised to play the world like a game and look out for number one hits his formative years. Luck teaches him that even number one needs friends when life breaks the rules.
Feature Adventure, Crime, Drama, Thriller For sale 124pp
The almighty
Five years after a bitter fallout, a deceitful con artist and a mentally unstable drug dealer revive their plan to topple their old mentor, who has plans of his own for them both.
Feature Crime For sale 122pp
The eye of balor
A seemingly-normal hotel manager becomes a flamboyant serial killer that deliberately leaves a witness to each murder. What will his curious new girlfriend discover when she digs deep into his psyche?
Feature Drama, Thriller For sale 116pp