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Michael Mayberry
Portland, United States

Michael Mayberry is a novelist and screenwriter from western Maine.  When he's not writing, he can be found exploring the mountains and waterways of Maine; where the landscape is as rich as the the people of Maine.

Scripts By Michael

Dark Net
Breaking Bad meets Silicon Valley: A young computer sciences graduate foregoes a career in Silicon Valley to launch a dark-web website that amounts to an eBay for illicit goods and services.
TV Pilot Crime, Drama For sale 49pp
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Draconian States of America
In a world devoid of hope, surveillance drones circle the dull-gray skies overhead in search of political dissent, will democracy in America survive?
Feature Drama Available for Free 113pp
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Blood Out
After a stint in Stateville Correction Center, Darius Hoover makes a solemn promise to his family to leave the life; only to be pulled back in by circumstances beyond his control.
Web Series Pilot Crime, Drama Available for Free 48pp
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Isle of Two Cities
“Isle of Two Cities” is Game of Thrones meets the Heaven’s Gate Cult. A religious cult, known as the Sodomites inhabits a sovereign Island in the middle of the Atlantic.
Web Series Pilot Drama For sale 44pp
Millennial Strife
Friends and HIMYM: Millennial Strife is a smart coming-of-age story about six millennial college graduates who cohabitate to avoid having to retreat to their parents' basements to afford costly student loan repayment.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 30pp
Apocalypse Sown
In a dystopian future, America has reverted to the Dark Age. Can America rebuild itself, or will humanity damn itself to extinction?
Web Series Pilot Action, Drama Available for Free 47pp