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Michael Mordenga
Rochester, United States

Michael Mordenga is a self published author of the Artists and Earthians series. He writes scripts for science fiction, theological and fantasy. His hope is to create an anthology series that incorporates horror and theology together.

Scripts By Michael

Eden's Glitch: Church and State
When the church becomes a bureaucratic process owned by government then freedom becomes a precious resource.
Short Horror Available for Free 21pp
Eden's Glitch: A Meal for Sinners
Choose your sin wisely because you will have to eat it.
Short Horror Available for Free 17pp
Eden's Glitch: All Knowing
The Federal Resolution Force is a terrorist swat team that relies heavily on a futuristic AI computer. But can its omniscience be trusted?
Short Thriller Available for Free 25pp
Eden's Glitch: The Tongue
What if you could control a politician's tongue? Would you make them a hero or the public enemy?
Short Horror Available for Free 32pp
Eden's Glitch: Why?
Imagine living the worst day of your life over and over again.
Short Horror, Sci-Fi Available for Free 32pp
Eden's Glitch: The Savior Cell
Dr. Vonstein found a way to clone Jesus, but things only get worse at the promise of the new savior.
Short Horror Available for Free 22pp