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Michael Nguyen
Hickory, United States

Michael Nguyen (who goes by the penname “Fujiko Mune”) is currently a student at Lenoir-Rhyne University studying Information Technology. However, he feels that he has other pursuits on his mind. Perhaps his biggest ambition is to pursue a career in the entertainment industry, whether it be in acting or specifically script-writing in this case, among others. He finds this to be a main goal in his lifetime he feels is truly worth pursuing, but since he’s still a university student, he has plenty of time to consider.

Under the Fujiko Mune penname, and with a unique interest in the Japanese language and culture, Michael is the creator of the current seven-episode Japanese manga series Yarnstick and the Creatures of Himawari City, as well as a writer of a few Japanese essays and plenty of poems (haiku or tanka).

Outside of the Japanese language, and aside from writing four short plays, Michael is also the creator of what he calls is the Ella Universe, which offers him chances to prove himself worthy of pursuing a career in entertainment. It has been completed, with two motion pictures: How does it feel to be a woman?, and Melissa on Ice, and two full-length one act horror plays, Disturbia and Blue Eyes. 38 pages of his original draft of How does it feel to be a woman? was turned into a short-film screenplay, and earned the status of semi-finalist at the Hollywood Casting and Film Screenwriting Competition of 2018.

Michael is hoping to make a name for himself with these and other works. The first step in doing so, however, is making sure he gets his name out there, and this is one of the ways how to do it.

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Scripts By Michael

Melissa on Ice
A British-Japanese acoustic guitar-playing high school student is forced to become a figure skater in order to follow her mother’s footsteps.
Feature Drama, Sport For sale 120pp
How does it feel to be a woman?
Three women in Los Angeles encounter the same man, who claims to be a casting director and producer, unaware of his sexual misconduct history.
Feature Drama For sale 147pp