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Michael S. Kanu
Richmond, United States

Hello, my name is Michael Sorie Kanu. I am a 20-year-old screenwriter and aspiring filmmaker based in USA, Virginia, seeking representation. 

To me cinema is like a religion. Since age 12, I've studied the arts, practiced honing my craft in writing, and I've read numerous screenplays to educate myself on how to properly structure a script. I've learned so much throughout my journey and I'm always looking forward to what the future has in store.

Before age 12, I played soccer. My favorite position to play was goalkeeper. One day my arm gets injured, and I wear a sling for over a year. All I could do was quarantine and watch movies all day. Miraculously, it was at this period in my life where I had a career shift in mind. From binging Mel Brooks movies, I began developing a strong love for cinema. It became so strong I wanted to start writing my own screenplays. Of course the first few weren't the best. However, through honing my craft over the years, I've developed my own style of screenwriting and my love for it has only grown since then. That's why I hope and pray that my dreams of turning my scripts into film will become a reality.

Spec scripts I've written: 

- Mixed Perils: Set in 1935 Nazi Germany, a block warden falls in love with a Black-Jewish woman. The warden commits treasonous and daring acts in order to protect her, but is soon caught and seized. Fate is left in the hands of family.

"Schindler's List" meets "American History X"

As the writer, I feel I've written a masterpiece when in reality it's mediocre at best. And so I feel I can do a lot better with this story and make improvements. I'd probably finish it by '23/24, which is quite some time, but I'm gonna take my time because patience is key. 

 - Scenes of a Madman: A film director struggles in making his next hit picture whilst hiding dark secrets. As suspicions rise, the directors frantic behavior off studio sparks questions from authorities.

"8 1/2" meets "Pearl"

 - Black Chapters: Inspired by Francisco de Goya's Black Paintings, 14 chapters capturing each moment from start to finish of Goya's dramatic vision. Dark and twisted stories unfold and get continuously graphic until the end.

"The Witch" meets "Final Destination"

 - Cosmic Bounds: A police detective finds out his father was an alien. After learning he's part human part alien, his father assures him safe guidance during his visit. However the detective would soon doubt that as manipulation ensues. The father kidnaps the son on Earth, and the father-son duo soon enters a different dimension.

"ET" meets "Terminator"

 - The Line Between: A boy is born in Sierra Leone during the blood diamond war. He flees and heads to America, where he fulfills his dreams of becoming a musician. When he dies, he becomes reincarnated as a French man who became a journalist. The journalist remembers the adversity received in his past life and shines light on the matter through headlines.

"Heaven Can Wait" meets "The French Dispatch"

Influences include: Mel Brooks; François Truffaut; Quentin Tarantino; Spike Lee; Alfred Hitchcock; Rod Serling; Woody Allen; Louis Khan; The Coen Brothers; Martin Scorsese; Andrei Tarkovsky; Stanley Kubrick; Rene Clement;  Jordan Peele; Jean Luc-Godard; Edgar Wright; Akira Kurosawa; Sidney Poitier; Stanley Kramer; Wes Anderson; Charlie Chaplin;  and Paul Thomas Anderson.

Honorary mentions goes to Mr. Steven Ziegler, my middle school theater arts teacher. That was around the time I began writing and he wrote me a very nice letter right before summer break. It said to keep writing and never stop no matter what. I've always remembered that letter and that's when I began to take it serious. Since then I've continued to hone my craft and grow as a writer because of his motivation.

I would also like to thank my mentor, producer, Richard Harding. Richard has given me useful tips and methods to utilize as a writing. One of those tips is to keep reading screenplays written by others and to study their format. 

Thank you to both Mr. Harding and Mr. Ziegler respectively.



Scripts By Michael

Mixed Perils
A Nazi block warden falls in love with an Afro-Jewish woman and commits treason in order to protect her.
Feature Romance, War Seeking finance 82pp
Scenes of a Madman
A film director struggles in making his next hit picture whilst hiding dark secrets. As suspicions rise, the directors frantic behavior off studio sparks questions from authorities.
Feature Action, Comedy, Crime, Drama Seeking finance 105pp