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Michael Toay
Castaic, United States

I am currently a writer and producer with HubCast Media Productions and wrote and produced 13 episodes of season 1 of our show THC Live (and an in-show segment called Growing Pains), as well as a music special for Tiller's Folly and promotional and corporate material for Flair Airlines. 

I have also served as a script doctor on several productions, including "Jerusalem '67" for Schick Productions in New York, "Unbridled" (which comes out later this year) for Moving Visions Entertainment in North Carolina and "The Forgotten Carols" for Michael Young Media in Atlanta. My feature screenplays have won Best Screenplay in 6 national screenwriting competitions, including Script Pipeline, Fresh Voices and High Concept. 

I started out working in live broadcast television- and still do some freelance work in broadcasting today- which is how my spec pilot PUBLIC ACCESS came to be.  My production experience includes writing and associate producing everything from live television to corporate promotional material to working as crew on live sports.  A few years back, I produced the short film A Temp For All Seasons, which won Best Short Film, Best Director, Best Actor and Best Original Score at the168 Hour Film Festival.

I am repped by Jorge Garcia at Altered.la


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Scripts By Michael

Nuclear One
Small-town sheriff Lee Hammond must save his girlfriend and the entire town of Russellville, Arkansas from a well-armed anti-government terrorist who plans to cause a catastrophic meltdown at the Nuclear One power plant.
Feature Action, Thriller For sale 109pp
2 readers love this script
Stand On It
When a renowned race car driver’s rebellious son returns home, sibling rivalry explodes between him and his ultra-competitive older brother over who will be the next team driver when their legendary father retires.
Feature Action, Drama, Family For sale 118pp
1 reader loves this script
When a solo sailor falls overboard in water so cold it kills in 30 minutes, he's confronted by God and forced to evaluate his misplaced priorities during an impossible 3 hour fight for survival.
Feature Drama, Family For sale 102pp
1 reader loves this script
Red Hats
An American Air Force Pilot under Top Secret orders risks starting World War III by using a stolen Russian stealth jet to attack a North Korean nuclear weapons facility and assassinate Iranian Nuclear scientists.
Feature Action, Adventure, Thriller, War For sale 111pp
A Doggone Christmas
A dog who dislikes people is stranded with Santa, who hates dogs like a mailman does. Theymust overcome their mutual distrust tosave Christmas froma packof arctic wolves and allof Dog's canine friends froman evil DogCatcher.
Feature Action, Animation, Drama, Family For sale 104pp