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  Okay listen before you start jumping the gun, I get it, I'm young. Which automatically means you won't take me as seriously as the other thousands of people on here. However, you really shouldn't do that, and I'm gonna tell you why. I don't believe in corny bios that stroke one's ego, so I'll make my own twist on them. As you know, I'm Michael, eighteen years old, from New Jersey. 

   Now that the formalities are over, we can get down to business. I've written three scripts so far since I started writing in 2018, and I'm currently working on my fourth. One of which is currently in a Developmental Evaluation, so that's pretty exciting. I have no accolades to date. No contests won, no special awards, no representation in this business. That last one I'm not even sure how to get. 

  I'm what you'd call an amateur, I guess. I didn't go to school for screenwriting. Back in 2018 I for sure thought I was gonna be an Electrician. That doesn't take away from the scripts I write at all. I've got charisma, and the passion to match. Everything I do, I give 110%. I love stories, and I love making them even more. 

 One of the stories I've written is titled Plan of Action, an Action Crime feature about five teenage orphans who find themselves entangled in the schemes of a psychotic billionaire in the hopes of saving their soon-to-be closed group home. That's the one getting the evaluation. Another script I wrote is Nightmare, a psychological thriller about a boy with a severe mental disorder, one that creates monsters and things only he can see, which ultimately ruins his life. This one takes the genres it's in by storm, like nothing you've ever seen. Don't believe me? Go and give it a read.

Anyway, I'll close it with this. I love screenwriting, and I know I'll make it to the big screen, no matter what. It's one of those things you can feel in your bones. Something you know will happen. Now I know that what I just said is one mans opinion, but please, if you've made it this far, give me a chance. I promise you won't regret it.

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