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Michael Yu
Hong Kong, China

I like writing and going to the movies. That's why I try to write screenplays. I love writing thriller, horror, and rom-com scripts. I have seen some great films: The Tomorrow War, Get Out,  A Quiet Place,  The Silence Of The Lambs and Rear Window.  I am a Hong Kong - based screenwriter searching for production companies and industry outlets in the United States. Hong Kong has no agent system and production companies don't accept query letter so I try to break into Hollywood. 

Scripts By Michael

Santa Claus Is Miserable
A man wants to date a woman. However, a bad couple takes away their paintings of Santa Claus displayed in a park, causing conflict and misunderstanding between the man and the woman.
Feature Comedy, Drama, Romance For sale 82pp
The Apartment Window
From his apartment window, a young man spots a man being stalked. He needs to do something to save the man from danger.
Feature Crime, Mystery, Romance, Thriller For sale 97pp
The Horrible Sound Of Roller Skating
To solve a murder case, a private detective moves into an apartment where he hears the sound of a dead woman's roller skating. It leads him to find the killer and he sees horrible things.
Feature Horror, Mystery For sale 92pp