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Mike Becker

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Mike Becker
New York City, United States

Actor /writer here. Tons of stories and scenes in my head. They need to go (in a screenplay).

Been writing for a time, and just now organizing it into something that makes some kind of vague, surreal,  wispy sense...


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Scripts By Mike

Thief And Broccoli
As America enters into a depression, three New York City families find bizarre ways to keep their businesses afloat. Not an easy task, as their businesses are located in an eerie alley in Chinatown.
Feature Film-Noir For sale 149pp
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Stench Street
James has just moved to a quaint beautiful town. He's settling in nicely...That's when, from nowhere, the $#!% starts.
Short Horror For sale 35pp
Hello Somebody...
From a trailer park in the Deep South, to the Metropolitan Opera House, Jackie fights and drinks her way to the top. Life is good and tipsy, until fame and fortune rear their ugly head.
Feature Drama For sale 123pp