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I attended film school, which included a screenwriting course. I had always been interested in writing, and I strongly gravitated to screenwriting while in film school. I was determined to learn how to write screenplays the proper way. I have mastered screenwriting through the school of hard knocks... and hard work. I stayed with it, learned from my mistakes, worked very hard and long to learn the right way. I worked as a script reader. I also worked with produced screenwriters. I write everyday. I have four rules I write by... write, delete, edit, rewrite. I tend to write "clean and lean" screenplays which are fast read. The hard work has paid off to a degree. Four of my screenplays have 35 film festival wins between them. Plus I am an 16 time finalist. This is a true testament to my dedication, hard work, and perseverance. I take my writing very seriously, and I write in multiple genres... action, comedy, crime, drama, horror, suspense/thriller. My strongest genres are crime, horror, and suspense/thriller. My #1 goal, obviously, is to be a produced writer. I strongly feel I write appealing and commercial screenplays in their respective genres. I also have a backlog of screenplays to write in multiple genres. I also want to be a "working" writer. By that I mean get rewrite jobs, assignments, and maybe even a studio contract. I just need that one "Yes"... that it all it takes.

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