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Reno, United States

I've spent my entire adult life in the world of big time Nevada show business working with 99% of all the big names, the legends, the good, the bad and the ugly... Frank, Tony, Wayne, Willy, Waylon, Merle, Loretta, Cher, Tina, Rickles, you name 'em, I worked 'em.  I shook their hands, gave them their pay checks, helped produce their shows with pretty lights and excellent sound, drank and enduldged with 'em, and bonded while we lived a rare life together in that bubble of BTSB. 

At the opposite end of the spectrum was my life outside the bright lights, a life of fast snow skiing the steeps, lugging a backpack throughout the American West and packing on horseback into some of the wildest and meanest country this continent can throw at you. When I wasn't pounding out screenplays I was experiencing life that would eventually influence my writings and when the chance came to make money off my sweat in the wild outdoors I hired on as a wilderness hunting guide and wrangled twenty horses at a time in the deep snows of that rarified air above 10,000 feet. I've survived bitter cold, city slickers with attitudes, horse kicks in the ribs, being bucked and dragged down a canyon and I'm still kicking life in the pants everyday on this MacBook.

My influencers are John Huston and Treasure Of The Sierra Madre, anything John Ford or William Wellman, John Milius, not to mention Spielberg and Lucas and Clark Gable... and George Clooney makes me laugh more than any comic out there, and I'm loving anything David Ayer and Taylor Sheridan are doing these days.

Besides loving a good mountain horse and a reliable gun, I love gorgeous women and good whiskey!   


THE BRAND INSPECTOR -- (formerly Treasure Mountain) –-Action Adventure

THE BRAND INSPECTOR -- (formerly Treasure Mountain) –-Action Adventure

A $20M gold heist gone bad.  A former professional rodeo star who is now a Nevada State Livestock Brand Inspector gets involved in the pursuit of a gang of outlaws after they rob the modern day stagecoach, the Wells Fargo armored car, and escape into the mountain wilderness.

WINNER--The Wild Bunch Film Festival--Best Modern Day Western 

**3rd Place--Las Vegas International Film Festival 

**4th—Place--Nevada State Screenwriters Competition

A HIGHER CALL — New York Times Bestseller--World War II—Military Bio

The incredible true story of combat and air chivalry in the war-torn skies of WWII where a German fighter pilot who was one victory from achieving the Knight’s Cross secretly assists a ripped to shreds American B-17 bomber and its crew out of Germany and back across the English Channel. The two pilots meet in 1990 and become close friends. (Co-written with author Adam Makos and Bryan Makos.)

OPERATION VENGEANCE— Top Gun Story of World War II—Military Bio

Major John Mitchell and his squadron of young American aviators fly the longest aerial intercept in military history in the most top secret mission of the war to date, a mission that changed history, to shoot down the Japanese Supreme Commander In Chief, Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, the mastermind of the attack on Pearl Harbor. 

**Top 8 Finalist--2014 G.I. Film Festival Screenplay Contest, Washington D.C.

**Finalist—2013 Beverly Hills Film Festival Screenplay Contest

**Quarterfinalist—2013 Blue Cat Screenplay Contest

**Quarterfinalist—2013 Fresh Voices Screenplay Contest

**Squaw Valley Community of Writers Retreat selection, July 2012

**Top 12 Finalist--2011 Beverly Hills Film, TV & New Media Festival

**Finalist—2011 Beverly Hills Film Festival—Screenplay Contest (first draft)

DRYING GRASS MOON — Large Canvas Western—Historical Bio

Major George Forsyth and his collection of fifty hard-ass plainsmen equipped with the first ever repeating rifles pursue the great Cheyenne war chief, Roman Nose, and his gathering of 1,000 warriors.  After three massive battles, Forsyth has a change of heart toward Roman Nose.  (Once of interest to Ridley Scott)

**Global Script Challenge Selection—2016 Oaxaca International Film Festival

**2nd Place Nevada State Screenwriters Competition.

**Finalist—2011 Beverly Hills International Film Festival

**Runner Up—2011 West Field Screenwriting Competition-Best Western “Spur” Award

DOWN THE COLORADO — Epic Adventure/Inspirational/Faith Based—Historical Bio

Major John Wesley Powell and his epic 1869 journey down the Colorado River through the magnificent Grand Canyon.  Ten men in four small boats endure a 100-day saga of endless rapids, starvation, Indians, a whirlwind of fire, a flashflood, and a battle of the human spirit with only six men surviving the whole harrowing ordeal.  Major Powell’s staunch faith is the glue that holds the men together. 

**3rd--Place Nevada State Screenwriters Competition

SHACKLETON’S ENDURANCE —Action Adventure, TV Mini Series—Historical Bio

Sir Ernest Shackleton, the British explorer, loses his ship the Endurance in the Antarctica ice and has to lead his 27 men for over two years through the most heroic story of survival in human history. 12 episodes outlined.

PHANTOM BLUES –- Musical Biography

The life and mysterious death of legendary1930s Blues guitarist Robert Johnson whose music influenced everybody from the Rolling Stones to Led Zeppelin.  Famously remembered at the musician who met the Devil at the Crossroads to receive his talent and influence.  (co-author w/Michael Gossette)

**Finalist—2015 Beverly Hills Film Festival Screenplay Contest

**Finalist—2015 Ohio International Film Festival—Best Voice Of Color Screenwriting Award

BACKSTAGE--“Sex And The City meets Entourage in Las Vegas”-- Half hour dramedy Cable Series—First three episodes written, two 13 episode seasons outlined.

Ashley, a second generation dancer in Las Vegas production shows dreams of being a Star on the Las Vegas Strip but at every turn in her life either a man or her nemesis, Charlene Vachon, intervenes.  Ashley and her three-girl entourage prove that there’s more action backstage and after hours than what the audience sees every night in this Las Vegas topless show. Based on author’s real life experiences as a show designer, set designer, SFX creator and stage manager on over 100 production shows in Reno, Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe.  (Qualifies for Nevada State Film Tax Rebate Program)

**2015 Oaxaca Film Festival, Oaxaca, Mexico—Selected for The Global Script Challenge.

CROSSOVER — Faith Based

Sally, a hyper busy real estate broker, mother of two little girls, and wife to a wonderful husband, kills the entire family in a horrific auto accident. Through her multiply near death experiences from the accident and two suicide attempts to rejoin her family, she learns that we all have earthly missions to complete before our entry into heaven which she learns after being deceived by Satan, and then rescued from Hell by God himself.  (based on actual events)

THE WILD INSIDE—Feature Animation--currently writing--Based on novel Wild Inside--rights acquired. A wild mustang escapes his human owners in a high adventure attempt to return to his ancestral roots. A second version using Chinese locations is planned.


Scripts By Mike

The Brand Inspector
A modern day stage coach robbery.
Feature Action, Adventure, Crime, Drama, Western For sale 106pp
Sally a hyper busy realtor endures three near death experiences only to learn that we all have missions on earth to complete before our entry into heaven.
Feature Drama For sale 90pp
Operation Vengeance
WWII Drama Young American pilot is handed the most top secret mission of the war, to shoot down the Japanese Supreme Commander In Chief, Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, the mastermind of the attack on Pearl Harbor.
Feature War For sale 115pp