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Mikey McManus

I am a multi-skilled Director and DOP with experience across several genres including observational, historical, architectural, engineering, and factual entertainment, mainly working in TV but looking to make the jump to films.

Working in documentaries is an extension of my PhD in history and anthropology. I have a keen interest in all aspects of the human condition and want to understand and learn from everyone I meet. To further my interest in people and technical aspects of film making I am keen to tackle projects that require depth, craft, and creativity.  So I'm starting my journey as a writer as well and looking to improve that creative side and hopefully understand more when it comes to directing.

I'm new to writing and will be scouring this site for interesting scripts to shoot a short, so don't be shy and say hello.  I'm based in Scotland and while I have my ideas for stories and scripts to write I'm still interested in what's out there - if I see something that can have my spin put on it then I'll give it a bash but more than that I want to reach out to this vast community and connect with fellow creatives.