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Missy Cohen-Fyffe

Specializing in rom-coms and family films, Cohen-Fyffe writes edgy scripts that appeal to audiences of all ages. Cohen-Fyffe’s latest script, DEATH WITH BENEFITS (previously DEATH BENEFITS), is a StoryPros 2016 comedy contest winner and has received a Consider from coverage with comments including, "The writer has crafted a fast-paced screenplay featuring a consistently funny, upbeat tone that ensures the reader will remain engaged from start to finish. Also, the script features very likeable, albeit flawed, lead characters that audiences will surely want to root for."

Her script, BULLY FOR ME, was a CWA Finalist and won praise from Austin Film Festival readers who commented, “This is a well-written, entertaining script. [It] would be a family-friendly, pet-friendly, fun and entertaining film to see in theaters and would easily find an audience as such.’

A member of WIFVNE and Harvard Square Script Writers, Cohen-Fyffe is also working on her Master Screenwriting Certification from Screenwriting U, and frequently travels to LA. She resides in New Hampshire with her husband and dog.

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Scripts By Missy

Death With Benefits
An action/rom-com about two neurotic assassins tasked with killing each other who team up to take down their boss when they discover he's killing off employees to cut his health care costs.
Feature Action, Comedy, Romance For sale 110pp
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