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Nadia Carmon

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Nadia Carmon
New York City, United States

I'm the writer of 2 produced shorts; including the 2014 experimental film Stranger, starring Lydia Darly (Exorcist: The Beginning, The Way You Love) and directed by Jeremiah Kipp (Atlas of the Soul, The Minions, The Days God Slept). In 2014, Stranger was an Official Selection of the Roxbury International Film Festival and the Beyond the Beaten Path Film Fest/SoCal Independent Film (Now the Huntington Beach Film Festival).

I've always loved Technology, Science Fiction, and Horror... So my writing usually tends to stem from at least one of those genres. By trade i'm a social media/marketing with software development skills. I'm currently working in Social Media/Marketing for a NY-based startup. I am also presently working on my first software app as a founder, as well. I'm looking to get back into screenwriting in the future.

Current Favorites:
TV Shows - The Walking Dead, Love Death & Robots, Blacklist (S1), Supernatural (S2), Person of Interest, Agents of Shield, & Marco Polo.
Films - Captain Marvel

A snapshot of my interests: Music, Film, Writing, Screenwriting, Future Tech (AI, Robotics, AR/VR, etc), Science Fiction, and Art & Design.


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In a future where addiction has evolved with technology, a woman goes in for a psyche evaluation at an experimental health tech firm promising an eventual cure.
Short Sci-Fi Example of work only 9pp
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