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Nadia Carmon
New York City, United States

Writer of 2 produced shorts; including the 2014 experimental film Stranger, starring Lydia Darly (Exorcist: The Beginning, The Way You Love) and directed by Jeremiah Kipp (The Minions, The Days God Slept). In 2014, Stranger was an Official Selection of the Beyond the Beaten Path Film Fest (Now the Huntington Beach Film Festival).

Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition, Second Rounder, 2020.

Stage 32 New Voices in Animation Screenwriting Competition, Quarterfinalist, 2020

A snapshot of my interests: Technology, World History, Mythology, Science Fiction, Literature, Horror, Art & Design. 

I've recently finished an animation pilot for an irreverently humored tv show and am currently working on a horror film (It's kicking my a**, but i'm still scraping away at it, bit by bit). I'm currently a Script Writer, Script Analyst and freelance writer (various)

Last Films: Fear Street, Detour (1945), Sound of Metal, Snowden, The Lodge

Now Watching - Ozark, Prodigal Son, Alias, Lost, Breaking Bad, Wynonna Earp, Supernatural, 

Last Rewatched: Midsommar, Heathers, Evil (TV, Rewatching before I check out Season 2)

Past Favorites - I'll Be Gone In The Dark, Absentia, Big Little Lies, Evil (CBS)Bodyguard (Brit thriller), How To Get Away With Murder (S2), Parasite, I Will Destroy You,

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